Customized Sportswear

Sicleri is a highly specialized company in the production of customized sportswear for teams and sports clubs

The company collaborates for many years with prestigious professional and amateur teams, providing their athletes throughout the sports apparel and accessories, needed to ensure maximum comfort and performances in races and during the training sessions. The direct comparison with the athletes and the coaching staff of the various racing teams, has allowed Sicleri to understand in detail the specific needs of each sport and to experience alternative and innovative solutions in customized sportswear sector for cycling, running, triathlon and ski.

Thanks to this direct relationship with teams and all the investments in research and development, Sicleri has developed  an excellent experience in the personalized apparel industry for teams. The company today is able to recommend the most appropriate technical fabrics for each type of sport and to customize clothing both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of colour and graphics.

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  • abbigliamento personalizzato ciclismo


    Customized sportswear for Cycling teams.

  • abbigliamento personalizzato running


    Customized sportswear for Running teams.

  • abbigliamento personalizzato triathlon


    Customized sportswear for Triathlon teams.

  • abbigliamento personalizzato sci


    Customized sportswear for Ski teams.